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client: audiem

Audiem revolutionises workplace insights through the power of AI, unlocking new levels of understanding from free text

Audiem brand concept

from the start of audiem's journey, we've been by their side, delving into the essence of their startup vision and recognising the critical need for insight

The concept behind the brand, two quotation marks converging to reveal a bolt of 'insight', encapsulates this notion: within all dialogue lies profound understanding. This power of free text and insight has fueled the overarching brand landscape.

Audiem logo

we crafted a dynamic brand system and suite of brand assets for web, social media, and captivating in-person interactions for events and shows

Webflow proved to be the ideal website solution, enabling the creation of a fully CMS-powered website with unique animations and interactions. This empowered the Audiem team to manage news articles supporting social media campaigns directly and seamlessly integrate Buzzsprout podcast episodes into the website. All tracked and reported through HubSpot.

Audiem Webflow Website design & Development
Audiem Brand Posters

powering audiem's marketing strategy is their renowned podcast, workplace Geeks

This acclaimed podcast is on a mission to explore, analyse, and share the latest advancements in workplace research. Originally established before Audiem, the brand was carefully developed and seamlessly integrated into the Audiem brand identity while retaining its own personality. This transformation has positioned it as the podcast powered by Audiem and hosted by 2 of it's founders.

Workplace Geeks Chris & Ian
Geeks Microphone
Workplace Geeks In Action
Workplace Geeks In Action
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